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Voyage Indonésie

L’Indonésie, étant l’archipel le plus vaste du monde, avec 17.000 îles comptent donc des milliers de plages et des rivières, mais aussi plusieurs jungles, des volcans actifs, des villes à architecture splendide… L’Indonésie, c’est aussi un patrimoine historique et culturel, c’est encore la beauté des paysages et pour finir le plaisir d’y vivre dans la détente.

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Actualités Indonésie

Joe Girardi to attend Alabama-LSU game, Nick Saban says

10 juin 2019

Joe Girardi may no longer be the manager of the Yankees, but he still has plenty going for him including being good friends with Alabama football coach Nick Saban.During his weekly radio show Thursday, Saban said Girardi will attend the Crimson Tide’s game against LSU on Nov. 4 in Tuscaloosa.#Alabama coach Nick Saban https://www.brewersedges.com/milwaukee-brewers/orlando-arcia-jersey just said recently-departed #Yankees manager Joe Girardi will attend the #LSU game Chandler Rome (@Chandler_Rome) October 27, 2017Girardi and Saban have spoken to each other’ https://www.brewersedges.com/milwaukee-brewers/paul-molitor-jersey s teams in the pastand are known pals. The two were pro coaches in Miami at the same time when Girardi managed the Marlins and Saban led the Dolphins.Girardi said in 2016 he loves to watch how https://www.brewersedges.com/milwaukee-brewers/christian-yelich-jersey Saban goes about his busine s.When speaking about Girardi’s departure from New York, Saban credited the job Girardi did with the 2017 Yankees, who made it to Game 7 of the ALCS.This was a rebuilding year. I think they exceeded expectations in every way, Saban said.

Jason Heyward: Cubs have ‘a lot of work to do’ to catch up to Cardinals

10 juin 2019

Despite being a Cardinal for only one season, Jason Heyward is plenty familiar with the history between his former team and his new team.As a Cardinal, he hit a home run last season in Game 3 of the NLDS, which the Cubs his new team would go on to win in four games. Thenhe switchedallegiances over the winter and signedan eight-year, $184 million contract with the northsiders. He went from beinga fan favorite in St. Louis to being a « trader. »MORE: Why the Cardinals will hate the Cubs this seasonThe Cubs and https://www.bravesedges.com/atlanta-braves/babe-ruth-jersey Cardinals kick off their season series Monday night in St. Louis, and Heyward will undoubtedly get his fair share of boos when he is introduced (really, just scroll through the first few tweets of the « best fans in baseball » Twitter account). But despite wearing a different uniform this season, Heyward says the Cubs can learn a thing or two from their rivals. The Cardinals have won the division four times since the Cubs last found themselves on top in 2008. And, oh yeah, they’ve won a World Series title since then, too. » https://www.bravesedges.com/atlanta-braves/dansby-swanson-jersey If you ask me about the rivalry this year, I feel like I’m on the side that has a lot of work to do as far as being established in the playoffs, » Heyward said, via the Chicago Tribune. « They’ve gotWorld Serieschampionships. They’ve got division titles. We want to be established as https://www.bravesedges.com/atlanta-braves/greg-maddux-jersey a group in Chicago. »While Heyward gets plenty of heat on social media from Cardinals fans, he says the ones he’s seen in person have been plenty cordial. »Every St. Louis fan I’ve seen in person has gone out of their way to be nice and say, ‘Thank you for last year. I wish you nothing but the best, except against (the Cardinals),’ » Heyward said.As for the rivalry itself, expect anything but friendly feelings. Althoughthe Cubs sitin the driver’s seat in the NL Central and many thinkthis mightactuallybe the year in Chicago, the Cardinals will be out to prove they’re still the team to beat.

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